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VideoPal is a never seen before revolutionary and the best video marketing software tool that you can use to increase engagement, sales and finally profits by including unique never-seen-before talking video avatars or video spokespersons to your websites, blogs, ecommerce sites, landing pages and more. These video avatars can also be added to web properties that you don’t own at al!

With this cloud based software you can create talking video avatars instantly which has been proved to boost your lead signups and sales by two fold without any extra effort on your part. However, the best part is… can create talking video avatars in 24 alternative languages and 47 male and female voices by using the world’s best Text-To-Speech engine.

VideoPal App has the capability of adding highly engaging CTA (call-to-action) buttons, opt-in forms, timers on top of the video avatars to instantly boost your results.

So here are the top five reasons why you need to consider buying this video marketing software.

5 Top Reasons Why You Should BUY VideoPal Software Now!:

  1. The old website call-to-action methods do not work anymore. Videopal can create unique and never seen before tiny talking video avatars in 30 seconds. Comes with real-live human spokespeople, or even turn “Yourself into a pal”. This is proven to double your leads, conversions, sales and profits.
  2. Software allows creating talking video avatars in 24 different languages and 47 male and female voices that will arrest the attention of any website visitor.
  3. Videopal App has capability to convert any video (including real-human videos) into a video avatar in seconds that can be placed on all your websites and blogs!
  4. Can add call to action buttons, timers and optin forms to the video avatars to instantly increase your results and profits!
  5. The most advanced cloud based video creation software with powerful Text to Speech Engine. Easy to use and nothing to download or install.

Watch VideoPal Talking Video Avatars Here!

videopal video marketing appVideoPal is the new standard in video marketing technology to boost website conversions no matter what website you own or what niche you target. Every internet marketer online is talking about this incredible software and thousands of them are already using it with great success. This has already become a worldwide bestseller because of the amazing power packed features.

Get the best video marketing software right now and virtually assure your website will perform much better when you use these new “talking video avatars”!

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